I work in advertising, which, at the time, works mostly online through websites and social media. You can’t sell your products if people can’t find you through online presence. Nowadays, as an advertiser or a designer, you can actually sell a logo design or even a full advertising campaign online, either via sites like and Workana or your agency site offering all your services. I could do a full brief via e-mail having my client fill the whole thing and send it back with useful information that could guide my creative process (I’m a creative/copywriter). I can even do a full market research or brand research online without having to visit the company personally, like I used to, and if I need professional photos for the graphics I could, again, use a freelancer site to hire a local photographer and have him send the pictures to me. It’s so easy I don’t even work at an agency anymore, I just site in my pajamas at my house and work from there. Same money, no hurries.


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